Prospective Students

Deepti Prasad

deeptiName: Deepti Prasad, PT, DPT

Graduation Year: Rutgers University Class of 2012

Major: Exercise Science and Sport Studies: Applied Kinesiology

Graduate School: Rutgers University DPT South - Blackwood Program, Class of 2016. Deepti is currently working as a PT in an outpatient PT clinic.

When/what made you want to become a Physical Therapist?

I decided I wanted to be a PT about halfway through college. I knew I wanted to have a career in healthcare, and decided to shadow a PT and loved what I saw. I liked that the PTs built such strong relationships with their patients and had such active roles in the rehabilitation of their patients.

What specifically about the Rutgers DPT program appealed to you?

The Rutgers DPT program stood out to me for two main reasons. First was the community service program- at the start of the program, students play an active role in volunteering with the nearby migrant working population. Second, the program offers four clinical rotations, ranging from 6 to 14 weeks. The amount of clinical experience students receive in the program is extremely helpful for transitioning into a first job.

What kind of experiences or activities did you have in the field of Physical Therapy during your undergraduate education? (Internships, volunteer experiences, etc.)

As an undergraduate, I worked as an aide at an outpatient PT clinic. I also volunteered at a separate clinic and at a children's hospital.

Did you have a favorite class or professor within your major?

Biomechanics with Dr. Manfredonia. Looking back now, it is evident that this course at Rutgers was so helpful in preparing me for the concepts I would later learn in PT school. I even referred to my notes from this class at times to help me study during our biomechanics class in PT school.

How do you feel your major and classes at Rutgers University prepared you for graduate study in the DPT program?

My undergraduate education at Rutgers University made me feel very prepared for PT school. The classes I took as an undergraduate taught me the fundamentals on which the DPT program is based off. Having a solid understanding of the basics helped me ease into the rigor of the DPT program.

If you could give advice to undergraduate students following a pre-physical therapy path, what would it be?

I would tell anyone considering a career in PT to observe or volunteer in many different clinics and settings. The field of PT is so vast and can be very different from one clinic or setting to another. Observing different PTs can help students get a better understanding of the field as a whole, and teach them a wide range of skills.